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ZolTrain Wins Silver Clio Cannabis Award for Mobile Training Platform

ZolTrain Wins Silver Clio Cannabis Award for Mobile Training Platform

We’re pleased to announce we won a Silver Clio Cannabis Award for our unique mobile-based training platform with CannaCraft named, “The CannaCraft Academy”.

Expanding on Clio’s enduring reputation for establishing best-in-class programs honoring creative ideas across a variety of specialized verticals, Clio Cannabis celebrates the creators at the forefront of cannabis marketing and communications. Launched in 2019, Clio Cannabis sets the bar for creative work in a rapidly growing industry, builds a greater understanding of a developing category, and elevates creative contributions from top talent and agencies.

This award-winning concept was in partnership with CannaCraft to effectively train budtenders across hundreds of dispensaries under their portfolio of seven brands. With our help in reforming their marketing strategy and delivering modern, mobile-based education, the results were nothing short of positive. Take a look at how we delivered over 2,100 mobile-based educational training sessions here.


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The cannabis landscape is a rapidly growing field that has made huge strides in recent years. But cannabis misinformation and bias can easily obscure its positive impact and wellness roots — and poorly affect all the cannabis brands and supporting players for it. In cannabis, marketing is education, and education is marketing. It’s up to all of us to put in the work and commitment to educate budtenders, drive awareness, and help create better and positive customer experiences in the cannabis space. Through accessible, consistent, and captivating budtender training, we can help build trust and transform how we communicate effectively with consumers and patients.

“We’re truly honored to have our educational platform and the content we built in partnership with CannaCraft recognized with such a prestigious award,” said CEO Danny Gold. “It’s time to meet budtenders and consumers where they are, with educational content that resonates with them. Education doesn’t have to be boring, and we’re proving it.”

Create an Award-Winning Training Program

At ZolTrain, we’re experts in building brand awareness through retail training and consumer outreach. Our stature in the Rolling Stone Culture Council and the National Cannabis Industry Association helps us contribute to the industry as active stewards of cannabis culture, innovators, and thought leaders. From technology to content delivery, we’ve built proven ways to meet the speed of your evolution and make you stand out in the competition.

It’s time to take control of your marketing efforts to educate budtenders — the right way. Ready to create an award-winning training program? Contact us today.