Drive Sales with educational content delivered right to THE phone

Build your brand through retail activations.

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Key Benefits For:

Effortlessly reach consumers — either directly or through retail employees— with customized content that helps you build your brand, sales, and loyalty.

Increase sales by providing access to a mobile education platform that works for both employees and consumers. All at no cost to you.

Learn about brands, earn rewards, and share your smarts with customers so they keep coming back for more.

Find and order the right products and take advantage of promos — right from your phone.

Fast Five
Social media format makes it fun and phone-friendly
Educational content showcases your brand and is proven to convert
Flexible template for different promos, audiences, and platforms
Multi-channel reach to retailers and new and existing customers
Data analytics to measure ROI and improve performance

The perfect blend of education, tech wizardry, and retail experience