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Easily train and educate your frontline retail staff quickly

Streamline your team training with more effective and engaging forms of learning. Reduce training costs and deliver key company information to your workforce.


Build an expert staff through on-demand training

  • Deliver targeted training playlists, customized for each dispensary
  • Get unlimited access to training for all retail employees and associated brand representatives
  • Deliver automated training alongside sales incentives with gamification features


Educate budtenders and consumers on cannabis brands, product effects, and competitive differentiators

  • Leverage content creation and a reliable platform that is trusted by brand and retail partners across the nation
  • Communicate product differentiators and sales tips effectively to budtenders
  • Track employees' progress, engagement, and feedback
  • Get up-to-speed info on the latest cannabis products
ZT Shapes-1

"Great breakdown and explanation of terpenes."

3 Bros - Santa Cruz

"Very easy to understand and I like the breakdown of all the different ratios."

Torrey Holistics

"It is always helpful to have more information to give guests."

Humboldt Patient Resource Center

"Straight to the point with simple explanations."

Berkeley Patients Group

How it works


Step 1

Your representative will email you a unique training link.


Step 2

Share the link or print the flyer for in-store access.


Step 3

Let your staff know they should complete the training within the next week.

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