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Skills to Learn During an Online Budtender Course

Skills to Learn During an Online Budtender Course

Job development is important for every business, but this is especially true for those in the cannabis industry when one experience can make or break a customer’s future relationship with cannabis. Budtenders must be equipped with the latest information and resources to help their customers make the right product decision. Lack of skills and training could easily lead to negative experiences that turn customers away from cannabis forever.

There's no room for uncommitted and unambitious budtenders in modern retail environments. If you're looking to learn more about training resources that will help you improve job performance, look no further than a budtender online course that teaches the following skills. 

Feature-Specific Selling

When you're up-to-date on product-specific features, ingredients, cultivation techniques, and manufacturing processes, you will be more comfortable making great recommendations to consumers who turn to you as a trusted expert. A budtender that gives reasons for their recommendation will always do much better than one that 'thinks' their recommendation will work fine. 

Learning about products that apply to a wide variety of customers is key because:

  • You can't just rely on personal experience — your tolerance and preferences won't match every customer that comes in the door.
  • It's your job to be prepared to answer every question compliantly — learn the products and their target consumers, and when you don't have personal experience, rely on customer testimonials from similar customers.

It's a brand's job to arm you with all of this information in a way that will be memorable and prepare you for every customer interaction. The right budtender online course will get you connected with well-known cannabis brands and access to all the information you need to recommend their products to the right people. 

Armed with all the facts, you'll be in the perfect position to meet (and hopefully exceed) customer expectations. 

Lasting Customer Relationships

When a budtender is passionate about their job (as we hope you are), they want to help consumers get the most out of their experience — whether it be a product they've used dozens of times or a new product they are experimenting with at the time. An online budtender course is an excellent opportunity to get ahead of all the latest products and their unique uses so that you can build lasting customer relationships. 

Proper budtender training makes it much easier for you to:

  • Learn the product intimately
  • Make an accurate recommendation to the consumer
  • Confidently answer customer questions
  • Build trust with customers in a way that keeps them coming back time and time again (and even better, asking for you!)

These relationships will be beneficial not only for the brand and dispensary but also for you. Happy customers tip more for great experiences and will be more inclined to come back to you since they can rely on you to provide them with everything they need to know to make the right purchasing decision.

In fact, as many as 86% of customers are more than happy to pay more for a great customer experience, and 72% are willing to share their good experiences with whoever will listen. 

This means you'll not only get better tips, but you’re also more likely to improve sales!

Work Engagement

Retail sales are not always easy, and it becomes even more complicated when the training that is supposed to help you sell products is dull and not educational. Budtenders deserve focused, engaging training pieces that make learning about a product and selling it easier. An online budtender training course is the best place to access this information. 

Take, for instance, ZolTrain's many engaging components. ZolTrain's gamification capabilities turn monotonous training into engaging opportunities. This means that you can learn about products in an environment that incentivizes your success as a budtender. 

Budtenders earn rewards (i.e., merchandise, gift cards, discounts, and more) for learning more about the cannabis products available in your market. This is great because you benefit from a number of advantages after completing tasks, including gaining more knowledge that you can use to help your clients. 

Get Equipped with Relevant Budtender Skills

In an industry that's rapidly growing in size and importance, it's more important than ever that you're qualified and trained in your position as a budtender. The truth is that customers rely on you to know every detail of the cannabis products you sell so they can use them confidently. 

Online budtender training from ZolTrain can be easily accessed anytime and anywhere, allows you to work and train simultaneously, and can be easily referenced when you need a refresher. Our award-winning mobile training platform makes it easy for budtenders to access various product training to provide the absolute best service to your customers.